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 Welcome to Motley Junction
Lists as of autumn 2015 are listed after the box sets that are after typical toy box sets that lead into Motley locos and stock.
I bought a number of these toy train sets in December2013 at my local B&M store and one larger set from Amazon. They are slightly larger than 00 scale and the freight and coaches need re-wheeling. The diesel is the same loco for each set. If you look in the workshop section you will see one body ready to be mounted on an old Tri-ang TC Bo-Bo chassis. The other diesel bodies I have will be cut to form a two cab Bo-Bo and a two flat ends body that will form a “B” unit or I will put round porthole cab windows in each end as I have done in one or two of the Tri-ang TC diesels (See Tri-ang TC section).
This is the Dickie Toy train set I bought in Jumbos in a Pathos Shopping Mall. They are produced by a German firm. The diesel body fits on an old Hornby HST Bo-Bo  chassis. The coaches (2) need different bogies to run on 00 track. I fitted Lima ones taken from the cheap continental Lima 00 coaches you can pick up cheaply at Toy Fairs.
I bought this toy train just before Christmas 2014. It was in a cheap shop. The freight wagons are 00 scale and run on 00 track. The couplings are large and I will change them to Hornby ones – old style. The bogie tank wagons and the passenger coach are more HO scale and again I will change the couplings. Not sure I can do anything with the steam loco and tender but bits from them could enhance other Motley locos.
STANDARD LOCOS 1950’S /60’S As of November 2015.

71000 Duke of Gloucester Hornby BR green

70000 (70015) Britannia (Apollo) 08 Hornby super detailed China BR green

70000# Britannia Tri-ang Brit repainted black as Britannia

70003 John Bunyan Tri-ang Brit. The Brit I never saw.

70006 Robert Burns Hornby Special Edition

70009 Alfred the Great Tri-ang (original late50’s)

70012 John of Gaunt Hornby train set with 3 coaches. BR grn

70013 OliverCromwell Hornby China BR green

70030 William Wordsworth Hornby China BR green

70036 Boadicea Tri-ang / Hornby BR green

70037 Hereward the Wake Tri-ang

70041 Clive of India Hornby super detailed China BR green

72000 Clan Buchanan Modified Tri-ang Brit with a kit BR green

73000 Seen on 31A 1950’s 5MT kit built.

73014 Bachmann 5MT BR green

75001 Mainline body and tender green

75006 Mainline body and tender black

75078 Bachmann Class 4 tender double chimney & high tender

76024 Dapol ex Airfix kit body and tender motorised

76079 Bachmann Class 4 2-6-0 black later token

78010 Hornby Ivatt 2 convertion

80002 Bachmann 4MT tank black

80033 Wrenn 4MT tank

82003 Kit built

82004 Tri-ang class 3 tank green body

82020 Tri-ang class 3 tank. Black early chassis

90000^ Bachmann WD Special Edition in a wooden case Longmoore livery

90445 BachmannWD black £90

91007 James Bond Airfix 9F body on modified Tri-ang 9F chassis 2-8-2 green

92139 Hornbysuper detailed 9F black

92207 Hornby9F black single chimney

92xxx Hornby9F black Crosti late emblem

92220 Evening Star Hornby 9F BR green

93307 ALCO HornbyRailroad 9F TC Pacific tender/Dock Shunter cab

LNER ORGIN As of November 2015.

2001 Cockof the North Hornby P2 2-8-2 LNER green

60007 Sir Nigel Gresley Bachmann A4 BR green

60016 SilverKing Hornby-Dublo A43-rail conversion

60017 Silver Fox Hornby-Dublo A4 3-rail conversion

4468 Mallard Hornby A4 Special Edition LNER blue

60019 Bittern Bachmann A4 BR green

60022 Mallard Hornby BR green

60026 Miles Beevor Wrenn A4 double chimney BR green

60071 Tranquil HornbyA3 Special Edition via a Club Book BR blue

4472 Flying Scotsman Early Tri-ang version LNER green

60103 Flying Scotsman EarlyTri-ang version BR green

4472 Flying Scotsman Hornby 2-tender version in pack. Special Edition LNER

4472 Flying Scotsman Hornby super detailed Hornby  Club model LNER

4472 Flying Scotsman Hornby National Rail Museum livery LNER

60103 Flying Scotsman Tri-ang A3 BR green

60103 Flying Scotsman Hornby A3 with German smoke deflectors

60103 Flying Scotsman Hornby A3 Special Edition BR green

60106 Flying Fox HornbyA3 BR green Special set with 3 Mk 1 coaches

60110 Robert The Devil Tri-ang A3. BR green GNtender

60111 Enterprise Tri-ang A3 BR green

60157 Great Eastern Bachmann A1

6013X Tornado Hornby BR early blue (as running 2013)

60532 Blue Peter Bachmann in wooden box

60825 Bachmann V2 outside steam pipes & curved tender

60884 Bachmann V2 outside steam pipes. BR green

60903 Bachmann V2 as built BR green double chimney

61300 31A Bachmann B1black.

61020 Gemsbok Mainline body Bachmann chassis

61525 32B HornbyChina B12 BR early Blue China

61546 31A Tri-ang B12

61565 Hornby B12 BR black Club Booklimited edition (China)

61572 32A Tri-ang B12 re-wheeled (94) BR blac

61575 31A Tri-ang B12 re-wheeled (94) BR black

61577 31A Tri-ang B12 BR black

8572 Hornby B12 LNER green (China)

61535 32B Tri-ang B12 BR green

61639 31A Norwich City Hornby B2 short NER tender BR green

61656 32D Leeds United/Manchester United (05) HornbyB17 BR green

2859 32A East Anglian Hornby B17 stream line body & tender top LNER

61811 31B Bachmann Club model K3 weathered black.

61949 32C Bachmann K3 black.

62015 31B Tri-ang / Jaycraft K1 BR black Jinty chassis Ivatt cylinders

62024 Hornby K1 BR black late emblem Hattons

62035 31B Tri-ang / Jaycraft K1 BR black. Jintychassis, Ivatt cylinders

62530 31A Hornby D16 Claude Hamilton black early emblem

62567 Kit built Claude Hamilton line BR black 4-4-0

62578 32G Tri-ang/ Jaycraft Claude Hamilton BR black 4-4-0

62722 Huntingdonshire Hornby Shire 4-4-0 BR lined black

62788 31A Kit built E4 Nucast BR black

62822 Bachmann GNR C1 4-4-2 Atlantic BR on tender

63601 36C Bachmann 04 2-8-0 BR black

63789 38B Hornby 01 2-8-0 BR black late token

64311(64430) on 31A BachmannJ11 0-6-0 tender BR black early emblem

64652 30E Tri-ang / Jaycraft J19 BR black

64967 36A Bachmann J39 BR black

65445 Hornby J15 BR black direct from Hornby

65532 31A BEC Kit J17 on Tri-ang Jinty chassis BR black

67601 Bachmann V1 BR black

67673 Bachmann V3 BR black early emblem

8473 Hornby J83 LNER green 94. Black BR body

8477 Hornby J83 LNER early chassis

68049 Hornby J94 Austerity tank different bunker

68217 Silver Fox J70/Y6 Tram Engine

68680 Dapol J94 Austerity tank

68846 30A Hornby J52 lined black

1226 Hornby (ex Thomas) chassis J13 GNR green Body

68920 34B Lima J50 BR black (repainted)

WD 196 Hornby J94 in Longmore blue £125

69025 Bachmann J72 BR black

581 Mainline J72 LNER green

69531 Mainline N2 0-6-2 tank BR black

69550 Wrenn N2 tank BR black was LNER green

69621 Kit N7 0-6-2 tank on Jinty chassis GER blue

Departmental No 57 Dapol/Model Rail Sentinel (late) BR Y3
LMS ORIGIN As ofNovember 2015.

1000 Hornby compound 4P LMS red

14010 Caley Hornby pack 4-2-2 LMS red Special Edition

40589 Tri-ang 2P 4-4-0 old chassis

40609 Tri-ang 2P black

690 Tri-ang 2P LMS black lined red

40610 Hornby (Dapol) 2P black

Hornby (Dapol) 2P S&DJR blue

41043 Hornby 4P black

41313 Bachmann Ivatt 2 tank BR black

42073 Bachmann Fairburn tank BR black

42308 Hornby 2-6-4 Fowler tank BR black

42437 Hornby Stanier 4MT2-6-4 tank 4P BR black

42700 Lima Crab 2-6-0 BR black

42xxx Bachmann Crab BR black later token

42990 Drongo Fictitious LMS2-6-0 BR black. Fowler tender

42991 Turbo Fictitious LMS Turbo 4-6-0inside cylinder BR WD tender

3775 Tri-ang 3F tender MR maroon

43047 Bachmann Ivatt Class 4. BR black later emblem

43205 (43775) Tri-ang 3F tender BR black

43474 Bachmann 3F tender loco BR black late emblem.

44072 Airfix 4F tender.

44418 Airfix 4F tender BR black

Hornby (Dapol/Airfix) 4F tender S&DJR blue sp ed

44781 Hornby Black 5 BR black. China. Weathered

45156 Hornby Black 5 4-6-0 Silver Seal loco

45292 Hornby Black 5 special edition (1500) British Railways on tender

45512^ Bunsen Hornby rebuilt Patriot (Baby Scott) BR green

45515 Caernarfon Hornby Patriot BR green 1435 out of 1500 Sp Ed

45532 Illustrious Mainline Baby Scot body and Tri-ang 3F tender green

45597 Barbados Mainline Jubilee BR green £18.29 with Bachmann chassis

46161 King’s Own Mainline Royal Scot BR green . Bachmann chassis

46201 Princess Elizabeth Hornby 4-6-2 BR green

4601 Princess Elizabeth Hornby 4-6-2 LMS maroon (Part of RoyalTrain set)

46203 PrincessMargaret Rose Hornby 4-6-2 BR red

6xxxx Duchess of Gloucester Hornby streamlined LMS red 4-6-2 China

46205 Tri-ang Princess (see-thru wheels)

46232 Duchess of Montrose Hornby-Dublo BR green

46233 Duchess of Sutherland Hornby BR red 4-6-2

6233 Duchess of Sutherland Hornby LMS red 4-6-2 Northern Belle train set. 3-coaches & sleeper

6237 City of Bristol LMS streamline LMS red

46239 City of Chester Hornby BR steam blue

46245 City of London Hornby-Dublo engine/Wrenn tender BR red

46400 Hornby Ivatt 2 2-6-0 BR black

46441 Hornby Ivatt 2 2-6-0 LMS red as preserved

46521 Hornby Ivatt 2 2-6-0 BR green

47306 Tri-ang Jinty Stratford 30A 1959

47482 Tri-ang Jinty BR black. Number on tank (overhauled at Darlington)

47606 Tri-ang Jinty BR black

47606 Tri-ang Jinty BR black on old chassis re-wheeled

7606 Tri-ang Jinty LMS red

16440 Hornby Jinty (revised) LMS red

Hornby Jinty S&D livery Rail Road

47996 Heljan Garrett, black weathered.

48073 Wren8F BR black

48154 Hornby8F (China) BR black

8624 Hornby 8F (tender drive) LMS red fire box glow.

49094 Bachmann G2A 0-8-0 tender loco late crest weathered

51253 DapolPug tank 0-4-0 detailed

51394 (11394) EarlyTri-ang saddle tank (solid wheels).

53810 BachmannS & D 2-8-0


6015 Richard III Lima King4-6-0 GWR green

HogwartsCastle Hornby (Ex Airfix) Harry Potter loco red

4983 Albert Hall (plates July 12) Tri-ang Hornby GWR green


313XX  Hornby-Dublo2-rail R1 tank with new body in black

31313  Hornby-Dublo2-rail R1 tank green on Hornby chassis

30244 Tri-ang Hornby 0-4-4 tank Southern livery

31685 EarlyTri-ang saddle tank on later chassis BR black

31757 Tri-angL1 4-4-0 tender BR unlined green

31844 Bachmann Maunsell N class black

32636 Hornby Terrier BR lined black

100 Hornby E2 0-6-0 tank LBSC brown livery

30835 Hornby N15 King Arthur repainted black

33009 Hornby Q class weathered back

34054 Lord Beaverbrook Hornby West Country 4-6-0 BR green

340XX Winston Churchill Tri-ang. Nameplates & crest

34067^ Tangmere BB Hornby Lt Edwith three coaches £109.00. Excalibur set

35028^ Clan Line Hornby West Country rebuilt BR green

36007 Tri-ang chassis 4-6-4 Southern Baltictank with Spam-can body and coal bunker.

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